Public Speaking

At some point, this page will probably feature a picture above of me looking confidently emphatic as I address a captivated audience.  I haven't yet had a chance to snap a picture of myself, so for now, imagine the blank space as me giving a fascinatingly insightful speech to an enraptured audience in a windowless room during a power outage.

I'd like to share helpful information and an enjoyable time with you and your club, church, company, professional sport team, school, or whatever organization in which you participate.  Although my primary field is music, in past engagements I've also enjoyed sharing what I've learned in business, sport, philosophy, and along my own journey toward personal excellence. 

How may I be of best service to you as a speaker?  Please contact me via one of the means below and let me know.  I look forward to working with you!

Phone: (360) 279-0809
E-mail: kit [at]

For your convenience, you may also e-mail me directly from the form below:

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