Drum Lessons

Private Drum Lessons

I am currently accepting students in Washington's Island and Skagit Counties, as well as via Skype or Google Hangout for those students living further away or in another country.  If you're interested and have any questions, please contact me here.  I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

For Band and Orchestra Teachers

Could you use a hand with your percussion section?  I can cover a number of popular topics, such as:

  • Musicality, timing, and awareness of ensemble and individual sound
  • Rudimental playing
  • Ideas and concepts for Drumline
  • Individual and ensemble mallet repertoire and technique
  • Tasteful drumming on the kit - styles, genres, and feels
  • Composition and intelligent improvisation 
Or perhaps your entire band or orchestra could use a fresh perspective or some added encouragement, beginning with topics such as:
  • Developing smart practice habits
  • Performing with confidence and flair
  • The secret of setting and achieving great goals 

I've been privileged to conduct many clinics, masterclasses, and coaching sessions during the past decade, both before and since joining the Vic Firth National Education Team.  I would love to come work with you and your program!  I live in Washington and primarily serve the greater North Puget Sound area, but if you live and teach elsewhere I may still be able to come work with you.  If I can schedule enough clinics, coaching sessions, performances, even private lessons, at several of your local schools (and possibly stores, churches, or community centers), to more than offset my travel costs, I'll be there!

Contact Info

Please contact me at:

Phone: (360) 279-0809
E-mail: kit [at] kitmills.com

For your convenience, you may also e-mail me directly from the form below:

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Drumming Links

No serious drummer/percussionist can afford to ignore the numerous great--and often free--online resources.  It's easier than ever before to learn about, watch, learn from, and be inspired by your favorite drummers.  And--trust me, even if you're a fine player, there's always more you can learn.  So, take advantage of the existence of these great sites:

http://drummerworld.com - The world's #1 drumming website, Drummerworld features tons of bios, pictures, videos, lessons, and sound clips of the greatest drummers in the last hundred years.  An added bonus is the extensive Drummers' Forum, which frequently attracts posts by amazing pro drummers as well as absolute beginners.  You can't ever exhaust this website's resources!

www.vicfirth.com - Not only does the Vic Firth company make great sticks, mallets, pads, and other accessories, they've produced an outstanding website.  Unlike Drummerworld, the VF website covers a wide range of percussion in addition to the drumset, from drum corps to hand percussion to timpani to mallet percussion.  This website is very strong in education, too, featuring many lessons and lesson series, with playalong materials, exercise sheets, and so on.  A great and necessary place to start is here:  http://www.vicfirth.com/education/rudiments.php

www.pas.org - The Percussive Arts Society is a worldwide organization devoted to advancing percussion and music for percussion, and counts most of the finest living drummers and percussionists among its members.  PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Conference) is arguably the most important percussion event on earth every year.  Membership is available at several different levels and includes access to PASIC, print and online materials, networking opportunities, and the chance to apply for several drumming-related scholarships and grants.

www.drumchannel.com - Hosted by drumming great Terry Bozzio (also owner of probably the biggest drumset you'll ever see), this site has a fair amount of free content: interviews, lessons, performances, and more, all with excellent production standards.

Here's a useful thing for those of you who want to write down musical ideas of your own:  a blank sheet of staff paper (12 staves):
icon Staff Paper Template PDF (4.5 kB)

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