My Mission

My goal is to write music that my listeners and I will enjoy, and to build relationships with others through music.  Until I have time to revamp this website I invite you to take a listen to some of my music here:

My Music

While some of my music is available for purchase through external publishers, I've opted to self-publish much of my music.  At this time I'm making that music available to you for free in hopes that you or someone you know will find it useful and enjoyable.  I do have two requests:
(1) Please let me know the details (performer, piece(s), venue, location, date) about any concerts at which you will perform my music; and
(2) Please let me know if you decide to record the music on video or audio. 
Both of these things are helpful to me, not only for promoting my music to others, but for partnering with you to promote your career as well.  You can shoot me an e-mail here: Contact Kit

If you are using and enjoying my music, please consider donating via the button
below.  Your gift will help me pay for the costs of maintaining this website
and providing music free of charge.  Thank you so much!

Purchasing an existing work

Please browse my catalogue below to find one or more compositions that will suit your needs.  You can purchase .pdf copies of each piece here on the website, or place an order for a physical copy from Kit Mills Music Publications using the Contact Form below (there will be an additional fee to cover printing and shipping costs).  If you decide to perform the work in concert, please let me know!  I'd like to hear about the concert, your impressions of the piece, the audience reaction - everything (in fact, when I apply for composition grants it is extremely useful to be able to refer to my documentation of all past and upcoming public performances of my music).  Also, feel free to post a recording on YouTube and e-mail me the link; I'd love to hear you play it!  If I think your performance is outstanding, with your permission I'll embed the video on my site and include a link to your YouTube channel.

Commissioning a new composition

If I haven't yet written the piece of music you seek, why not commission or co-commission a new work?  A commission agreement allows you to determine how long a piece should be, for how many players, and even what sort of mood or scene you would like me to evoke.  Whether you need a new wedding processional, a solo to give as a birthday gift to a pianist friend, a choral work for an upcoming church festival, or even a full orchestral piece to showcase your symphony orchestra, you and I can collaborate to create a new composition that I'll enjoy writing, the player(s) will enjoy performing, and your audience will enjoy hearing.

My commission rates and additional information are included in the following .pdf file, available for download and printing at your convenience:
icon Commissioning Compositions PDF (182.54 kB)

To get started or to ask any further questions, please contact me via the means below.  I look forward to creating new music with you!

Please contact me at:

Phone: (360) 279-0809
E-mail: kit [at]

For your convenience, you may also e-mail me directly from the form below:

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