Beyond this page, my website is no longer up-to-date, including the Contact page.  I plan to streamline the site and migrate it to a new, simpler platform, but note that I am a very busy working composer, drum teacher, and family man, not a web design guru, and it will take me a while to get to it.  If you'd like to reach me in the meantime, you can contact me directly at kit_mills[at]  I appreciate your understanding!



Thanks for visiting my website!  My name is Kit Mills and I'm a composer and percussionist dedicated to writing and making meaningful, enjoyable music.  I take great joy in partnering with others to create music and would love to work with you, whether through a new composition commission, presenting a masterclass, or teaching percussion lessons.  If you're interested in working together, I invite you to contact me any time (see above).  Whether you're here as a potential collaborator or are just visiting the site, I invite you to browse and enjoy some of my music here:

I also welcome inquiries via my LinkedIn profile, here:

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If you and/or your ensemble will be performing one or more of my works, please contact me with the information about yourself, your ensemble (if applicable), the piece(s) you'll be performing, and the date, time, and venue and I will be happy to post it here, along with an external link to you or your ensemble.  Thanks!


Buckets Ruckus (Published by C. Alan Publications, 2013) - here's a run-through two friends and I did in order to provide a reference video for band directors and young percussionists who are interested in tackling this fun little customizable piece.  Here are two online locations where you can buy the piece:

C. Alan Publications

Steve Weiss Music


Drummers - Are you looking for new ideas, help with your technique, or just overall musical mentoring?  I am currently accepting dedicated students for lessons in person or via Skype or Google Hangout.  You can also download several free exercises and pieces, and find the links to some other excellent drumming websites.

Schools and other educational programs - I'd love to come in and present to your students!  I've done all-school assemblies, clinics, music class visits, performances, and love to interact with students as I teach them about the exciting world of percussion.  If you're interested, contact me and we can discuss your program's needs or interests and my appearance fee.

Performers and patrons of the arts - Would you like to purchase a composition or help bring a new one into being?  
Musicians in general - I invite you to check out the tips and links I post in my music blog.

Who am I?  Inquirers, journalists, and performers of my music wanting a composer biography for their program notes can get the lowdown here: Bio & Press Kits.

Finally, if you're using and enjoying my music and would like to donate a few dollars to help me cover the cost of maintaining and improving this website, I've embedded a PayPal button here.  Thank you very much for your support!



I owe big thanks to the following website contributors:

- Tech Prodigy Noah Simshauser for doing the dirty work building this site, wrestling with templates and Joomla, and coaching me as I get the hang of editing this site.  To hire him for web design, tech advice, or whatever (keep it legal!), go here:

- Sandy Solis of IslandMomPhotography for the great photos!  You can see more of her excellent work here:

- Carol Molitor of Big Rock Designs in Coupeville, WA, for her work on the logos and advice on color scheme.  If you need a graphic designer, Carol is very easy to work with and is knowledgeable and professional.  She also did graphic work on my brother Jeff's outstanding soccer training website:

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